Building a portfolio

How the Notion API powers my website

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Since starting my Bachelor's degree in 2015, I have found it challenging to keep my portfolio and development up-to-date. As a perfectionist, I often get stuck in a site's design and user experience, as I only want to move forward with my development if I am sure I am doing it correctly. Therefore, when I began my Master's degree, I knew I wanted to approach the task differently. Therefore, I created a back-end in Next.js that linked my portfolio website to the popular productivity and note-taking platform Notion. This way, any changes I made in my notes would be automatically uploaded to my portfolio site in the appropriate format. This method has saved me a considerable amount of time, as I can now view my notes in the aesthetic of my site without manually transferring the information from Notion to my portfolio.

Over the years, I have been steadily working on this site, refining and honing my web design and development skills while cultivating a keen sense of aesthetics in the digital format. With every iteration, the website has grown and developed, becoming more and more user-friendly and attractive while also adhering to the latest web standards and trends, such as accessibility and search engine optimization.