Exploring Imaginaries using AI

Design exercise using ChatGPT

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Using ChatGPT, an AI language model, I engaged in a design exercise aimed at investigating the prevailing socio-technical imaginaries in the field of the SPI. Socio-technical imaginaries refer to culturally embedded ideas that shape the development and use of technology in a society, influenced by societal values, cultural norms, historical experiences, and technological advancements. They offer a useful framework for assessing the potential benefits and risks associated with technological innovation.

To gain insights into the current imaginaries concerning the SPI domains, I leveraged ChatGPT's vast knowledge of discourse on the subject. By querying ChatGPT for the most prominent or alternative imaginaries within these domains, we can establish an initial understanding of how we perceive socio-technical innovation and its impact on the future of our societies.

The findings of this investigation are presented in the following images:

The showcased illustrations demonstrate how imaginaries possess the power to shape our outlook on what is feasible and desirable with regards to technology, societal structure, and the environment.

To conduct a more extensive examination of socio-technical imaginaries, ChatGPT recommends three approaches: historical scrutiny of the subject matter, discourse analysis, and community involvement. In upcoming design exercises, I intend to incorporate these methods to gain a more profound understanding of the imaginaries that mold our perspectives on the SPI and their implications for society.