Prototyping the

Digital prototype for evoking an experience of the future for the city of Umeå.

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Forecasting the future is a complex task that involves numerous variables, including the intricacies and uncertainties of our world. Furthermore, personal biases and insufficient information can pose obstacles to producing accurate predictions.

The Umeå Futures Generator is a web prototype that utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to generate potential future scenarios for Umeå city. These thought-provoking scenarios are intended to spur citizens to participate in conversations about their ideal vision for the future.

The generator employs the OpenAI API for ChatGPT and DALL-E to produce visually compelling scenarios that portray possible futures for Umeå. By presenting these scenarios to citizens, my goal is to stimulate meaningful discussions and inform policy-makers about community aspirations.

Using the web platform, I hope to provides an easy-to-use platform for citizens to engage with the future of their city. Through a visual representation of the generated scenarios, users can easily imagine what the future may hold and provide their feedback on what they would like to see.

Try the Umea Futures Generator here!