Reflection FMP1

Identifying areas of improvement

cover image for Reflection FMP1

In this reflection, I will discuss my FMP1 semester with Caroline and evaluate the areas that need improvement for the upcoming semester.

Focusing on Action

During my previous FMP, I spent a considerable amount of time researching the context, resulting in limited time for the actual design process. To overcome this, Caroline and I have decided to limit my exploration time and parallel the process of making and doing alongside it.

Balancing Thinking and Making

I need to strike a better balance between thinking and making to improve my competency in conceptualization and iteration methods. To achieve this, I will start making in an earlier phase of the design process and receive a paper from Caroline outlining several design and design research methods.

Quality Control and Evaluation

Evaluating my design decisions and incorporating feedback from experts is crucial to ensuring the quality of my output. I will participate in a design project with strict deadlines and evaluation methods, and Caroline will connect me with experts to provide feedback during the development of my project.

Structural Coaching and Assistance

To ensure a successful semester, I require structural coaching and assistance throughout the design process. Caroline will act as my main coach and provide me with a planning schedule for the weeks she is available. Additionally, I will receive coaching from other experts, such as Femke and Gabriele, depending on the project topic.

Documentation and Reporting

I need to document my design process to better understand how it leads to my design decisions. Weekly logging of my design activities on Miro or a live feed on my portfolio website could be potential solutions.

Professional Identity Development

Planning ahead for my future in the industry is critical. Caroline will help me identify my strengths and how they align with industry needs. We have not discussed specific plans, but this will be a long-term goal.