Final Master Project - Rhizome


cover image for Final Master Project - Rhizome

My Final Master Project extended my M2.1 project and focused on exploring the concept of a Repository of Transformation as a learning and participation platform for the Transforming Practices (TP) community. To identify important concepts and realization techniques for the repository, I used philosophical concepts, literature and benchmarking methods. This resulted in a web platform based on the concept of the ‘rhizome’, which can serve as a basis for exploring the future of the repository with users.

This project was a final showcase of my competencies and abilities, highlighting my knowledge and experience in regard to societal transformations, and how digital tools can be used to organize communal efforts and promote learning. Moreover, I had the chance to incorporate my knowledge of philosophy into the design process, resulting in a design approach that is unique to me and that I will continue to refine in the future.