M2.1 project design - Repo*duction


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During my M2.1 semester, I did a project at our faculty. I switched squads from DIGSIM to Transforming Practices, hoping to pursue the design I wanted to do in a like-minded community. Following the Design for Social Innovation course, I collaborated with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) to further work on the discipline of Transforming Practices (TP). In a collaborative effort with other student projects, I explored the concept of a Repository of Transformation, a knowledge and participation platform for the TP community. To this end, I designed an experience for adding case studies to this platform.

Working as part of the TP squad for this project was a true learning experience for me. I can confidently assert that my understanding and sensitivity to design for societal transformation has expanded significantly. Working together in a collaborative setting with a partner from industry has been incredibly beneficial and has truly broadened my perspective. Additionally, I have seen how the skills I have developed through DIGSIM can be applied to the TP field, and I feel more confident in my ability to recognize and discuss the role design plays in addressing crucial societal issues.